Our Core Values

  • 1. Respect for child right as a pillar for meaningful human development.

  • 2. Peaceful social transformation which is the key to human development.

  • 3. Integrity and accountability in managing and protecting human/child needs.

Donors & Partners

Recent Projects


Emergency Preparedness and Respond Project in Mayen Gumel

ENHANCE THE CAPACITY OF STATE MINISTRY OF HEALTH TO RESPOND TO COVID-19 PANDEMIC IN KUAJOK, WARRAP STATE Gogrial West County, Warrap State, Kuajok 2020 The proposed project for the refurbishment of the proposed Isolation Cente....


Provision of safe and clean drinking water to Chuei-Chok community (WASH Project)

SUPPORT RETURN, REINTEGRATION AND RESILIENCE BY PROVIDING SAFE DRINKING WATER BY INSTALLATION OF 02 BOREHOLES IN CHUEI-CHOK PAYAM Chuei-chock Payam, Tonj State 2018-2019 CIDA project targets the two top prioritized areas by the ....