Senior Management Team

Gabriel Pap Nyok

Rural Development

+211 914 274 050 / +211 921 621 500

Born in Kuajok, now the head quarter of Warrap State in 1987, join school in 1995 in most remote SPLA liberated areas. The founder has a wide range of experiences from Polio Eradication Program Field, Gogrial West County, civic engagement coordinator for South Sudan elections and Referendum in Warrap State, Food Assistance field; these includes the International organisations such as World Vision, World Health Organization and National Democratic Institute (NDI) under Sudan and South Sudan Program. He also works with NDI on Constitutional review and dialogue as a coordinator for Warrap state. He has 9 (nine years) of working experiences working with National and International Organizations.

To work for the betterment of humanity, and for this purpose, he seeks a challenging job environment where he can grow professionally and can enhance his knowledge and skills to fit in work standard. CIDA ED successfully managed low cost projects; Health, Education, Resilience, Protection, WASH including emergency preparedness and response to COVID 19 pandemic project, these project support health, peaceful return and social coexistence among returnee and host communities across Warrap, ED have had burst experience in logistics management activities; inbound and outbound transportation, Logistics management, fleet management, warehousing, materials handling and vice versa.

All these extensive knowledge places him in such managerial position with CIDA South Sudan. He also acquired numerous professional trainings such as Team Building and Management in Humanitarian setting, block training on Logistics family, organization policy and family of logistics by Medicine Sans Frontier, Do No Harm approach, Security and Safety training by World Vision, Proposal design, writing, development and resource management, Community based complaint mechanism for reporting of sexual exploitation and Abuse, Human Rights Monitoring, Reporting, Documentation and Advocacy by UNMISS (Human right and Discipline and Conduct departments in Kuajok.

Bachelor Degree in Development Studies from Juba University, Juba. His dedication and commitment to serving vulnerable women, children and elderly of South Sudan motivates him to work for national NGO such as CIDA South Sudan, he is 4 years working with CIDA.