Board of Directors

Luka Kuol Malual

Public Health

BOD’s Chairperson has worked in the field of health from Sudan to South Sudan programs; Luka recently worked as Field health officer with South Sudan Red Cross, MNCH project, Kuajok branch, Malek PHCU in charge, World vision South Sudan Gogrial West County, he worked as Medical manager with Mentor initiative UK, Warrap State, Luka worked with Medicine Sans Frontier Belgium as IPD, ER, ITFC supervisor in Gogrial PHCC, Finally, he also worked as IPD nurse, Emergency pharmacy in charge, Wau teaching hospital.

Luka went to Egypt Academy College of public health, High diploma in public health management. He acquired medical skills in following; Malaria case management and vector borne diseases control training, Mentor initiative organization – UK, People management training, Medicine Sans Frontier – Belgium in Nairobi

Master training of trainers on integrated community case management, NMOH/SSRC in Juba, National disaster and response team training, Health in emergency training during epidemics, Juba

Regina Aluk Mareng


Aluk is the satisfy midwife who has worked in humanitarian field for almost her 10 years of life. He worked with World Vision, Health Fooled Fund project in Warrap State; Medicine Sans Frontier Belgium, Gogrial Project and Medicine Sans Frontier, Holland in Abyei Administrative area. She worked with National Democratic Institute (NDI) as civic education officer for election and referendum preparedness, with GOAL as hygiene promoter in 2010 and as midwife in 2012, worked with women local organization as finance officer in 2009.

Regina acquired skills in different training fields which includes; Women fistula training for Medicine Sans Frontier Belgium for emergency project, Gender Base Violence with InterSus organization, Hygiene promotion training with GOAL, computer course with Mercy Corp. Mrs. Regina graduated from Wau Institute of Health Science for Nursing and Midwifery as a satisfy midwife.

She was awarded with community midwife diploma in 2011 in by Presbyterian organization in Bentiu School of health science. Aluk went to Rumbek Senior secondary School where she completed Secondary School Certificate. She is now, a satisfy midwife with complex managerial knowledge and skills which qualify her to vice chair of Board of Director.

Tong Makot Tong


He is a Humanitarian Aid Worker with Five years’ experience in humanitarian aid and relief organizations in South Sudan with World Vision international. Strong cross-cultural communication and operations management skills. I have two chief interests: applying management theory to address environmental and social challenges; and meeting the immediate needs of people who have been adversely affected by disasters, poverty and conflicts.

Mr. Tong is award a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and Finance in University of Bahr el Ghazal, South Sudan, he went to Kenya Secondary School in Riruta Central School- Nairobi, Kenya

He has humanitarian skills following participation in the following courses and training; Logistics and procurement in Catholic University, Business and peace Education with Lutheran World Federation, Civic Education and Food Economy Group with International Rescue Committee of the Red Cross.

George Garang Mayardit Ayok



George a permanent employee of the University of Juba as Teaching Assistant, Department of Accounting & Finance, he is currently the Head of the Department of Accounting & Finance in its Kuajok Branch. He served as a Cashier in the State Ministry of Education & Instruction, Warrap State – Kuajok.

Garang Served as Agriculture Extension Officer with VSF-G in its Project, Gogrial West, Warrap State. Appointed as Bookkeeper in the State Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning in the Department of Auditing & Inspection before transferred later to the General list of Bookkeepers of the then Warrap State-Kuajok In humanitarian field, he served as Community Mobilizer with World Vision International-South Sudan Program.

Candidate at University of Juba, Masters of Accounting and Finance Treasurer is awarded with bachelor degree in the University of Juba, BSc. Accounting and Finance Mr. George acquired different skills in different fields which includes; Farmers Field Schools Methodology, Gender Equity and Gender Based Violence and Women & Child Rights training, University of Juba ICT Centre, Public Finance management Training, Trainer of Trainers on Entrepreneurship in the State Ministry of Finance,

Justin Deng Deng Yel

Pharmacist & Health Policy Analyst

Dr. Justin worked as a pharmaceuticals supplies supervisor for Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF) as from Nov. 2016 - Feb. 2020, he Worked as a tutor at institute of pharmacy technicians from 2015 to 2016, a pharmacy course coordinator at Juba Institute of Health Sciences, Justin worked as a clinical pharmacist at Ahmed Grasim referral hospital; Khartoum-Sudan from 2014 to 2015 Worked with MSF as a translator in Gogrial hospital in 2011, Finally, Dr. Justin first job was an enumerator in national census & housing 2008

Public Health Analyst is a PhD candidate, Atlanta International University, 2020 CIDA Public Health Analyst is an experts in the medical fields from 2011 to date, he is currently medical adviser with CIDA and he is currently a chairperson of the Health Finalists Examination Board (HFEB). Senior tutor/lecturer at Juba Institute of Health Sciences from 2015 to date. Dr. Justin is awarded with; masters of public policy (MPP), University of Juba, 2019, Honor degree of clinical pharmacy, on June 2014. Completed a certificate of clinical practices & medical ethics 2015 in Khartoum Sudan.

Completed other Short courses on field management training, stock & medical supplies Management, pharmaceutical policies & regulations. Completed one year diploma in computer Sciences at International center for computer Sciences (ICCS); Khartoum-Sudan from 2011 to 2012.

Kuac Aguer


+211921733560 / +211911671741

He is a determined agriculture professional with a passion of improving food security and farming methods of vulnerable communities in the rural areas through innovative change approaches such as Participatory Extension Approaches (PEAs) and Farmer Field Schools (FFS).

I have more than three years of experience in implementation of food security and livelihoods as well as commodity management projects that included among others commodity distribution; planning and facilitating farmers training and engaging local authorities, social institutions and community leaders in enabling positive change.

Kuac is warded wit Bachelor Degree, Agricultural Sciences, University of Juba, South Sudan He participated in the following courses; Village Saving and Lending training, Post-harvest Assessment training using PET (Pictorial Evaluation Tool), Last Mile Mobile Solution (LMMS) application training with World Vision International, South Sudan Programs; Food Security and Nutrition monitoring system (FSNMS), round 20 & 21 enumerators pre-training, WFP/FAO and other partners; Sustainable Agriculture, FFS methodology and reporting, VSF Germany; Project Monitoring and Evaluation, FORCIER research firm; Marketing and distribution of food supplements, Dynapharm International; Computer Application, Aslan Educational Centre