About CIDA - South Sudan

The Community Initiative for Development Agency (CIDA) South Sudan is registered as national responsive non-governmental organization incepted on 17th of June 2015 by peace loving citizens. The organization is a non-profitable, non-political and not affiliated to any religious distinct.

The organization was initially formed in June 2015 and registered in 2017 by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs as a National Humanitarian and Responsive Organization on April 18th 2017.

The organization membership is free or voluntary to all peace -loving national, regional or International communities who cordially observe principles, core values and the organization constitution. As per now, the organization consists of mainly professional and a group of exceptional technocrats with balanced informative knowledge to deliver what is enormously expected by the potential target groups.

CIDA-South Sudan is a Humanitarian and Responsive Organization that values human access to basic necessities, such as Gender Equity, Basic Health Care Services, Food Security, and Child Protection as well as Formal and Informal Education for all.

Why Choose CIDA South Sudan?

As an organization, we strive to provide holistic services to vulnerable communities.


  1. To increase the organization initiative efforts in meeting community long term benefit programs.
  2. To redouble the inclusive strategies of child protection, Gender Base Violence, Sexual related abuses and enrolment of both girl and boy children to schools together with disadvantaged unclassified vulnerable groups.
  3. To strengthen youth peaceful co-existence through sport and socio-cultural activities
  4. To partner and collaborate with any Non-governmental/governmental institutions that seem compassionate to implementing our initiatives or programs.

More About CIDA

Our Vision

To unwaiveredly undertake an affirmative action which will permanently cover human wellbeing, in terms of socio-economic development for all from grassroots.

Our Mission

To be a catalyst for community development and empower the most vulnerable members of the society including school dropout youths and orphans children

Our Core Values

  • - Respect for child right as a pillar for meaningful human development.
  • - Peaceful social transformation which is the key to human development.
  • -Integrity and accountability in managing and protecting human/child needs.

Our Core Mandates

We promote and deliver on all sectors of the society, ranging from humanitarian assistance, child protection initiatives/programs, community livelihood, sustainable projects and provision of capacity enhancement services to grassroots organizations with similar objectives. Our core mandates include but not limited to promotion of child protection and community access to:

  • • Livelihood projects including value chain addition/post-harvest management.
  • • Youth and women empowerment projects on Micro-finance and cooperative services
  • • Child protection, human rights, Gender Base Violence, Sexual Abuses and Exploitation.
  • • Education
  • • Reproductive health services (basic health care service and Nutrition)
  • • Humanitarian relief, Peace building initiatives and Capacity building trainings, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene